Interested In Investing

Step 1:

Determine which syndicates and how much you wish to invest.

Step 2:

Contact either Andrew Pratt (phone: +64 27 212 8533, email: or Barbara McComb (phone: +64 21 273 3255, email: and request a Disclosure Statement and Syndicate Agreement.

Step 3:

Read the Disclosure Statement and Syndicate Agreement and ensure you have a clear understanding of your commitment before proceeding.

Step 4:

If you have any questions regarding the offer or terms and conditions, call Andrew to discuss.

Step 5:

Once you are happy with the offer, note how many shares you want on the last page of the Disclosure Statement and sign both the Disclosure Statement and Syndicate Agreement and return either by email to or post to Redcraze Racing, 10 Ebbtide Way, Maungatapu, Tauranga, 3112. NOTE: You need a witness to sign too who is not a family member and who does not have an interest in the document.

Step 6:

On receipt of the signed documents Redcraze Racing will send an email or phone you to acknowledge your application and confirm that the number of shares requested are available and have been reserved. We will then provide you with the Syndicate’s bank account number to deposit your initial contribution to the Syndicate.

Step 7:

Once the Syndicate has been subscribed to the minimum level to make the Syndicate viable, Redcraze Racing will register the Syndicate and change of ownership with New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc (NZTR). Once approved, Redcraze Racing will issue you with a Schedule of Members, confirming your ownership interest in the Syndicate.

Step 8:

Set up your automatic payment for your monthly contribution.

Step 9:

You will now enjoy all the benefits and fun of owning a racehorse.

Applications can only be made after Investors have read and signed the New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing approved Disclosure Statement. To obtain a copy please contact us.

Redcraze Racing Limited was approved as an Authorised Syndicator in March 2015 under the Bloodstock Exemption granted to New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing by the Securities Commission.

Restrictions on Foreign Jurisdictions:

This offer only constitutes an offer of shares in a Bloodstock Syndicate in New Zealand. Redcraze Racing Limited has not taken and will not take any action which would permit a public offering of the Shares, or possession or distribution of any offering material, in any country or jurisdiction where action for that purpose is required (other than New Zealand). The Shares may only be offered for sale or sold in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations in any jurisdiction in which they are offered, sold or delivered.

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