Our Team

Les Pratt

Thoroughbred Consultant - Les has been involved in the Thoroughbred Industry for over fifty years. He has published thoroughbred breeding guides, presented at Breeding conferences and written columns in breeding magazines. He also pioneered computerised pedigree analysis in the 1980’s and over the past thirty years worked with Stud farms in Australia and New Zealand on  mating selections. He has also owned, bred, broken-in, ridden track work, raced and trained a number of thoroughbreds in his early years.

Helen Pratt

Data Manager - Helen has been involved in the Thoroughbred Industry for over forty years working with her husband Les. Helen has significant knowledge of bloodlines and horse conformation developed through pedigree consulting and attending yearling sales inspections and race meetings. Helen was the cornerstone of our data management capability which provided the foundation for leading edge pedigree analysis.

Andrew Pratt

Managing Director - Andrew is a Chartered Accountant, BMS (Hons). He spent 15 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New Zealand and London, where he helped a number of clients issue prospectus documents into global markets. Professional and friendly, he strives to ensure every stakeholder is kept informed, treated fairly and enjoys the journey.

Barbara McComb

Director and Chief Financial Officer – Barbara is a Chartered Accountant, BMS (Hons), and a member of the Institute of Directors in NZ. She is passionate about Thoroughbred horses and enjoys all aspects of the sport. She has owned and raced horses jointly with her family and relatives. Barbara brings an element of detail and professionalism to the team. Her two young sons Nico and Jake are showing great signs of keen enthusiasts of Thoroughbreds.

Carl McComb

Sales - Carl has over ten years experience as a business owner and employer in the hospitality sector, which involves product innovations, technical sales and servicing. Carl is a real people person and takes pride in being a great employer and host. He is a keen enthusiast of Thoroughbred racing and enjoys a good punt and socialising whilst always looking for that competitive unique edge.

Karen Pratt

Thoroughbred Consultant Assistant - Karen has a Masters in Social Sciences with a major in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour. She has worked in a number of large and global corporations where she has developed highly effective communication skills. Karen has had a keen interest in the Thoroughbred Industry since early childhood and works closely with Les analysing pedigrees and assessing horse conformation. Karen has also owned and raced horses jointly with her family.